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they call me "The Insider"
Hey visitor, my name is Pat Smear, but you can call me "The Insider." I've been spending my sabbatical on the Island of Ishbu (which is where NuTang's headquarters and research labs are located) studying Buddhism. I'm friends with pretty much everyone hear and get the latest scoop on all that's happening. So, check my blog for real inside information.
Hmm.. time to amass that pps?
Friday, September 1, 2006
Word on the brook is there will be many new products added to the NuStore. For all you penny pinchers (or in this case, protista points pinchers), it's time to hoard all that pps. I don't know exactly what the products will be or how many. But, I hear they won't be very expensive. If I hear more, as always, I will keep y'all posted. Remember, I AM the Insider!!!!

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Something big is brewing on the Island
Saturday, August 26, 2006
As the blog title states, something big is brewing on this Island. All the baboons haven't been talking to me all week and they're working in the Mt. Sepulvedosa everyday. You KNOW something's up when that happens on the Island.

Sadly enough, I have NO IDEA what it is. And trust me, I have been prying around.

In fact, the other day, I lured my friend Lazachoya to my hut, where I quickly tied him up and questioned him about what the hell all the baboons are working on. He refused to tell me anything.

Finally, when I had enough, I made Laza undergo Chinese water torture. Surprisingly, baboons have tremendous tolerance for torture. He did sorta break by revealing that some select NuTang members were notified about this upcoming update. If you're one of those members, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN, LOL.

After a full day, I really had to pee and left the hut. When I came back, Laza was gone. He left a ragged note that read "Pat you will pay for this!"

LOL!!!! Sure, Laza..... SURE!!!! If you're reading this Laza, I'm waiting right here, punk. LOL. Silly baboons..........

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who really is the most popular on NuTang?
Saturday, August 5, 2006
Right, so I have been out of commission for a long time .... a very long time.

So, the question I pose is "Who really is the most popular on NuTang?" Okay, so we can always check the top 25 list, but how accurate is it? I've been seeing some dead accounts on the top 10. Are those sites really receiving more hits than the active members????

Well, I decided to put on my sunshine boots and have a look in the Google archives. Looking at the stats for this past month of July, here's what I found:

First, if we take a look at all of NuTang's traffic, we do see some members totally dominating the popularity contest. As you can clearly see, these include theZEBRA (2.61% of NuTang's traffic), GotMilk (2.18%), 12629 (1.90%), Chloefoxx, Yenamaboya, dave, and incomplete. I'm most impressed by 12629 who just joined the community in late June.

Next, let's look at a more detailed breakdown of some of NuTang's most visited pages. The the top listings are cut off, but they are the homepage and NuTROL. (FYI: the the right 3 columns are unique views, page views, and average time on the page.)

Look! Do you see doubles? TheZEBRA and Chloefoxx are both listed twice, which means they should take up larger slices of the pie than that graph before displayed!

What I don't see on neither the pie graph nor the chart is the member username! The infamous username, as many of us remember, terrorized the top of the Most Popular list for the longest time ---- despite having a completely blank page! What happened to username? Where did he or she go? How did he or she become so popular? You may never know .... unless you too are an insider.

Alas, to answer my original question, the most popular member on NuTang is .... theZEBRA!!!! Of all the thousands of human members on NuTang, we see that the most popular is in fact an Equidae. This is quite enchanting.

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they call me "The Insider"
Saturday, September 4, 2004
Hey, I'm Pat Smear, former guitarist of the Foo Fighters. I'm going by the alias "The Insider," because I have a ton of "connections" (if you know what I mean). Whenever I hear of any important news, I'll try to share it with the rest of the community. So, keep your eyes peeled for my news flashes! I'll keep an eye and ear open for happenings on Ishbu.


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